Bad Universe! Bad Bad Universe! Sit!

This timescape is spoiled,
Riddled with inconsistencies,
Deworming needed.



Something is happening to the bees, they appear to be dying out, dissapearing. Allegedly no dead bees can be found - maybe they are eaten, maybe they are moving to a new planet?

Honey bees fly around me
The last batch on their way to Mars
Buzzing a bye-bye!

Shores of Titan

Something that came to my mind while I was making some herbal tea... Treat it gently, it's just a brain dump... Peh.. Heheh.

The explorer walked slowly. His power was ebbing, despair encompassing his mind.
One step... And an other step... The hill he was climbing seemed extremely steep. He dragged himself as as fast as he could - which wasn't much, with the environmental suit weighing him down. His heavy footsteps were marking the frozen landscape as far as one could see.

Slushy snow was not an easy terrain to follow.

He stumbled and fell. He was scared that the suit would rupture. The poisonous atmosphere would kill him within minutes. The pressure was far too low, the gas was far too deadly. He couldn't stand up immediately. He turned over and watched the sky for a couple of minutes, catching is breath. His air was about to run out, he should have taken it easier but he was too scared. The muddy-brown sky didn't comfort him. He missed the shiny shimmering blueness he was used to.

Slowly he forced himself to his feet, it was painful. His body hated him, it wasn't supposed to be treated like this. The exoskeleton had failed late in the exploration and he had to walk back all the way using his own legs. His communication equipment had failed too, when he fell of a cliff, tumbling down, breaking the antennae as he rolled down. His friends did not know exactly where he was but he had a good sense of direction - one of the reasons why he was chosen for the mission.

The mission was supposed to end hours ago, he was supposed to be back at the base, having a lunch with his friends, colleagues, lovers - joking, having fun. Instead he was out in the deadly, alien landscape, trying his best to survive.

He forced himself over the ridge and the lovely view made his hearts race. The lake was just in front of him, blue and beautiful. He ran down the hill, straight into the beach, and then jumped into the lake. Then he kicked his feet and swam deep below, towards his friends, his home.


The Scope

An owl hoots smoothly
While the OWLT tracks the stars
In a velvet sky

OK, I know, bad pun...


Electric guitars catch fire
Drums explode, keyboards crackle
but the Android sings on


A nice, crowded cafe
Androids mulling around, gazing into the infinity
with a mug of synth-oil


Mug in my hand,
Looking out of the portal
- Earthshine



I am listening to the excellent BBC audio adaptation of Solaris. Brilliant and spooky.

An impossibility
A garden in the ocean
Tended by ghosts


Methane mining is a dangerous business

Fiery pretty fires
The little red asteroid in the sky
Refinery accident

2007 Spying Said to Cost $50 Billion

Not much of a scifaiku but regardless...

Looking over my shoulder, running,
I stumble. I am scared.
It is following me relentlessly
The monster with the Red Electric Eye


Confused aliens -
Under cover Operator hiding
In the nano black hole


Ninja beats all

Laser eyes burning
altimeter failing rapidly
gliding spaceninja

Poor Reception

Sailors of the first space sub
Listening to Sailing By oon the radio
Under the Europan sea

Eating (with) Ministers

Alien politics -
Lots of brunches and dinners
shame about the PM

Dikkat et nereye baktigina

Korkulur genc kizlardan
Hele psi$ik guclerini kesfeden -
Olumume susamadim ben

dark ages and the alien

Three gold pieces lie on the ground
the price for the alien's head, all shriveled and tiny
- the greedy gravediggers


new neighbours in town

The horoscope reads:
Virgo: Do not leave your galaxy today,
Likely to meet new faces

horoscope: your day will suck

The spaceship pilot is pleasantly suprised
to find himself basking in the glory of the Tarantula Nebula.
Then - a supernova explodes - what a rotten luck

Autumn in Venus

The hot spell ends
With a refreshing rain
of hydrochloric acid

seppuku and daki-kubi

A swing of the plasma sword
Tendons, meat and bone all cleanly cut
A honourable death for the space samurai

First step in cybernetics

Offered a new heart
And a new eye to go with it
A new body - a new life


In the methane snowstorm
I cannot see anything and the radio is dead
I die - a lonely death on Titan

Rise of the Machines(TM)

Robots of the Second Empire
Dancing to the tune which the Electric Orchestra plays precisely
Then - one robot missteps - oh the horror!

thinking about burning Chrome

My bloody eyes hurt
Wish I had the Zeiss Ikon eyes
Not the biologics...

Lifestyle change required

A long walk would be nice
Exercise helps with my lifestyle
alas - robotic legs don't tire


Nodame Cantable

Nodame, plays the piano
Forgetting herself and the world
What a lovely sound


Can't plan, won't plan

Just say yes, says he
Don't underestimate the chaos in my life
Only Heisenberg knows what I'm doing

Clone babies

Test tubes glitter
Chemicals and wires plugged in
happ birthday brother clone

Afyon savaslari

The drugged warriors
Fight distant wars with ansible -
What a waste of life

BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast In The Future

New shipping forecast:
Meteor showers expected,
Rising slowly

Russia In Space

The Mother Russia
Finds a new Siberia,
Gulags in orbit

Spaceship Titanic

It sunk noisily,
Into the shallow atmosphere,
Space Cruise Titanic


Two elder gods with a picnic basket

Clear green skies and shining blue grass
Juicy souls of mortal men in the Thermos bag
Time to dine, later, end of the world


Spaceship dreams

On pod pillows
Flying to the stars, dreaming
While Hibernating


Huygens's Dream

Snow, covering me
Falls gently over a methane sea
Clouds, Saturn and she

Saturn'de kar yagar, yar yar gulum yar

Kar firtinasi
Kararan gokyuzu ve ruzgar
Enceladus'ta hava durumu



Erkenden uyku,
Gokyuzu doner tepemde
Kapkaranlik gece


Pandemik grip
Uzaylilardan selam -
Haberlesme sorunu


Sis bastirdi
Sessizlik cevremi kaplar
(beyaz) hayaletler


Taliban talip talebelige
Ama reddeder bilgiyi dusuncesizce
Kutal kitap okunmayi bekler.


Bos koyler sessiz
Asker yurur sokaklarda -
Gerilla bekler...

ooo, parlak isiklar

Uzak galaksi
Yakin yildizlar, parlak -

Hemserim, bi baksana buraya!

Uzayli, hosgeldin.
Parket gemini aciga.
Ama cimenlere basma.


frozen earth

What is to die for
Open skies and clear starlight
Frozen and silent earth


white candle, long flames

Under the clear winter sky,
The stars, like pin heads, bright -
Long flamed white candle, go!


Mars ve Cam...

Cam nehri üstünde
Köprü bir kanalı aşar gibi
Kirmizi rüzgar



Dikkatlice bak
Gunes parlak, goz hassas
Galileo'yu hatirla

McNaught gunduz gozuyle

Az bulunur boyle kuyrukluyildiz
Gokte parlar gorkemlice
Gunduzken bile!


battle stations!

Kalkanlar hazir
Heyecan zirvede ama tuh -
Reaktor kayip


Eralp'den bir tane

Bu benim degil, Eralp'in, ona gore saygi:

Motorlar sustu
Paneller öldü
Gunesle kucaklaşıyoruz

Bring your own drink

Klonlar basti evimi,
Vidi vidi sohbet, ama aralarinda
Ya ben? Ya Ben?

Comet McNaught nerde?

Firtina, ruzgar
Teleskop toz topladi -
Gokyuzu bekler

Bas sapik Ranma-kun

Erkek ve hatun
Bir arada, bir anda
Ranma-kun - Hentai!


Fraktal iki hece

Fraktal ruyalar ile
Siyah beyaz anilar -
Ya 3D gozluk?

Yesil hatunlar

Plazma bulutu
Enterprise, Kirk, Spock, Doktor
Bir sey eksik ya

Soguk yerler

Pluto'da kar yagar
Nitrojenden kardanadamlar
Ama havuc bulamadim

Bitmiyor ki bunlar

Telsiz sessiz -
Titresir oysa ki ether
Gelecekten mesajlarla

Bir tane daha

Yarinin Cocugu
Gormemis klavye ve fare
amma geveze, sus!

Bu gun verimliyim

Pembe ejderha
Sogukta Usumez mi?
Kazak bulmali.

Bir Scifaiku daha!

Kulaklarimi kapadim
Roketlerin gurultusune
Beyaz kanatlar

Gunun SciFaikusu

Venusun yagmurlari
Bitmek bilmeden duser...
Semsiyem nerede?

Robert Anton Wilson RIP

Basimiz sagolsun.... Fnord...

Bu gunun haikusu

Hersey yolunda

Kar kapli tepede

Yanliz yasam zor...