Can't plan, won't plan

Just say yes, says he
Don't underestimate the chaos in my life
Only Heisenberg knows what I'm doing

Clone babies

Test tubes glitter
Chemicals and wires plugged in
happ birthday brother clone

Afyon savaslari

The drugged warriors
Fight distant wars with ansible -
What a waste of life

BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast In The Future

New shipping forecast:
Meteor showers expected,
Rising slowly

Russia In Space

The Mother Russia
Finds a new Siberia,
Gulags in orbit

Spaceship Titanic

It sunk noisily,
Into the shallow atmosphere,
Space Cruise Titanic


Two elder gods with a picnic basket

Clear green skies and shining blue grass
Juicy souls of mortal men in the Thermos bag
Time to dine, later, end of the world