Methane mining is a dangerous business

Fiery pretty fires
The little red asteroid in the sky
Refinery accident

2007 Spying Said to Cost $50 Billion

Not much of a scifaiku but regardless...

Looking over my shoulder, running,
I stumble. I am scared.
It is following me relentlessly
The monster with the Red Electric Eye


Confused aliens -
Under cover Operator hiding
In the nano black hole


Ninja beats all

Laser eyes burning
altimeter failing rapidly
gliding spaceninja

Poor Reception

Sailors of the first space sub
Listening to Sailing By oon the radio
Under the Europan sea

Eating (with) Ministers

Alien politics -
Lots of brunches and dinners
shame about the PM

Dikkat et nereye baktigina

Korkulur genc kizlardan
Hele psi$ik guclerini kesfeden -
Olumume susamadim ben

dark ages and the alien

Three gold pieces lie on the ground
the price for the alien's head, all shriveled and tiny
- the greedy gravediggers


new neighbours in town

The horoscope reads:
Virgo: Do not leave your galaxy today,
Likely to meet new faces

horoscope: your day will suck

The spaceship pilot is pleasantly suprised
to find himself basking in the glory of the Tarantula Nebula.
Then - a supernova explodes - what a rotten luck

Autumn in Venus

The hot spell ends
With a refreshing rain
of hydrochloric acid

seppuku and daki-kubi

A swing of the plasma sword
Tendons, meat and bone all cleanly cut
A honourable death for the space samurai

First step in cybernetics

Offered a new heart
And a new eye to go with it
A new body - a new life


In the methane snowstorm
I cannot see anything and the radio is dead
I die - a lonely death on Titan

Rise of the Machines(TM)

Robots of the Second Empire
Dancing to the tune which the Electric Orchestra plays precisely
Then - one robot missteps - oh the horror!

thinking about burning Chrome

My bloody eyes hurt
Wish I had the Zeiss Ikon eyes
Not the biologics...

Lifestyle change required

A long walk would be nice
Exercise helps with my lifestyle
alas - robotic legs don't tire