Some rubbish I wrote on a train journey to london, don't take it seriously.

Think about a completely desolate London. The train stations are empty, the railway lines are rusting, slowly. The wind moves a panel that's a bit loose against the mesh wire across the railways. Huge hulks of engines are lying dormant, dead,completely useless.

Footsteps echo from far away, from the black tunnel leading towards the station. A lone woman cn b4 seen, ordinary, black hair, medium height but reasonably fit.

This is the time after the End Of The World, This woman has not seen or met someone for at least a decade.

The End of the Word came with a whimper. Everyone died, rotted where they fell and that was it. Maybe a handful lucky, or you can say, unlucky survived. Most of them must have felt the guild of being alive, they eventually killed themselves one way or the other and here it is, the last Human on Earth, a woman of 40 years, wandering aimlessly - or should I say, with a purpose certaion to fail.

A decade or so of humanity not mending the cities caused most of the them to fail slowly Some, already last to built, stayed perfectly safe, for example centuries old bridges were going strong. Newly built bridges, on the other hand, had started to become unsafe fairly quickly. Underground stations and tunnels were completely full of water, new buildings slowly rusting and falling apart whereas centuries old banks and warehouses surviving perfectly fine, apart from their fragile roofs an furniture...

The greenery grows wild, trees start to get into weird, wild shapes, albeit very slowly but the main problem is the bushes - again, after a millenium England becomes hard to navigate, undergrowth invading the streets and the countryside alike. Wild animal population suddenly explodes, rabbits, foxes and birds are now numerous and can't be counted easily. Fortunately there aren't many wild animals - no one cared about the animals in the numerous zoos and most of them died lonely deaths in their cages, here and there small unviable populations of exotic animals die because of illness, poisons and accidents - the only danger is the new breed of wolfpacks, mainly wild dogs going through a rapid evolution of survival.

The woman slowly walks towards the platform and climbs up it. She looks around, wearily, as if she is not sure where to go next. Slowly she tries to find a timetable on the windows but they are all rotten and gone. No maps can be found, all of them destroyed by the humidity, rats and mice. She checks out the station building and there is not much to see. She slowly moves on, down the platform, following the railway line.

At least lines are easy to follow, it's easier than making decisions. Railway lines, junctions, joins and else, just flip a coin and walk along the tracks. Food is plenty, it's easy to trap a rabbit, especially since they have no way of learning to fear humans. It's easy picking. Up and down the countryside, there are plenty of lines she hasn't followed yet.

A map would have helped her to navigate, a companion would have been a crowd.

She walks on...

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