As soon as the rocket tubes cooled down we extended the ramp on to the surface and I stepped down to the planet.

A clown with a painted face was running towards me but fell down almost immediately because his shoelaces were tied to each other.

In the background a weird animal was putting its massive trunk into the back of an other and a weird spider-like creature was dancing on top of them. And so on...

I muttered to myself. "What a circus".

Later, we nuked the planet from orbit, just to make sure.


Roulth said...

Sabah sabah beni yikti.
Emin olmak lazim tabii :)

Kadının Biri said...

$ahane olmus. Bayildim.

Hakan said...

Teskurleeeer. Gecenin ikisinde aklima gelen bir fikri kaybetmeden hemen yazayim dedimdi. :)