Singing to Aliens is a risky business

Finally, last chrous!
Oh no, hit a wrong high note!
Tentacles quiver

PS: Still watching Macross...

At least we're not the knights who say Ni!

I sent you a message
Wrapped around some love and hate
Just a little spam

Flying Cabinet on its side

Once I had a Volvo -
Remembered Ms. Sma with her space car.
Mine didn't do that..

Unless it's a Brazilian

There they come, Anime girls
with purple, green and blue hair -
Wonder about down there?

Too much anime

Little annoying brat
Singing tunes to aliens!
This ain't Macross!

We're no longer in Dune, Toto

Tunnels in the sky
Little wormholes, little worms
Tasty, yummy spacetime.