Ping.... Ping....

An echo chamber
Repeating ad infinitum
"Who's there?" to the stars...

Playing Atom Heart Mother

Filaments of ions 
Lazily spell out a message, 
Singing "Wish you were here"...


Red Star

The Mother Russia
Calls the peasant back from the stars:
One more gulag to fill

Policeman! Stop those Wings!

The leader claims boldly
Chaos leads to Anarchy!
The Butterfly disagrees...

Give up already!

Some bad CGI,
and acting and plot
That's all on Merlin! 

(this episode is very stupid indeed!)

On second thought, let's not go to Camelot

Dance my champion!
And for the love of Camelot
Don't do the silly walk!

(Watching Merlin S3E02... It is stupid!)

To Serve Man

Red wine or white wine...
Never could decide which one
goes best with human.


Vromm Vrooomm!!!

Motor vızıldar,
İntergalaktik potpotla
hızım bir milyon!

CQ Contest CQ Contest!

Crickets chirp in morse - 
Binary would be better
but the contest is on!


Ninja beats all

Laser eyes burning
altimeter failing rapidly
gliding spaceninja


Dear Twitter, Say no!
You haven't done it, my pass is safe,
Seriously? Fuck you!