Let's make some tea

So, you’re thirsty and want to quench it. Tea is the best method in these shores.

First, you boil the water.

You need fresh water. Not the type you get from the tap, filter through, and then leave on the table for days and days - funny tasting and weird stuff brewing in it. Pour it down the drain and get a fresh fill from the tap.

Then, boil it. Make sure it’s boiled. Did I say, it needs to be boiling?

Reach for the cupboard, and check what you have. You might have the loose leaves, you might have the pyramid tea bags, you might have the mightiest assam tea you can get your hands on… It does not matter.

Put it in the mug.

Pour the boiling water into it.

Leave a bit of space at the top.

Then, pour the milk in.

Don’t ever, never, put the milk first!

Wait for two minutes.

Then take the tea bag out. If you used leaves, use a strainer.

Then enjoy the brew. Have fun.

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